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Sales manager :  Mr. Li

Mobile : +86 13954733186

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                 SHANDONG Province , CHINA

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are produced free of harmful substances and can be handled and used without risk of release of toxic gases.

The manufacturing process does not pollute the environment, namely, through noise or water contamination due to residue influx, smoke or heavy metal residues.

This product:
Uses 100% recyclable materials

Does not include harmful substances to one’s health and/or to the environment

It is produced with substances that do not release any gases or dangerous particles in case of sealing or burning. It can be produced and used without the risk of release of toxic gases.

While being processed, it does not cause noise, water contamination or emanate gases or heavy-metal residues.

It offers long-lasting and strong packages with a small amount of material (high resistance with low thickness) with high-performance due to its low density (less film weight in a similar package).

After the use, the material generated is still 100% recyclable, causing a reduction of waste. It can be incinerated, providing a good energy conversion and thermal efficiency.

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